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Welcome! I am Ms. McGrath, and I teach Basic Design, Drawing and Painting I and II, and Digital Illustration and Design at Hillside Middle School.

Here, you will find each course description and will be able to see some photos of what we do at Hillside Middle School. Please click on the link to the left to watch a view a short video about the Visual Arts program at Hillside and view my website to learn more specifics about our class projects in both the Digital and Visual Arts. 


Ms. McGrath

Basic Design

Basic Design is a Visual Arts class that introduces students to the elements of art and principles of design through a variety of mediums. Students will learn how to take physical/imaginary images and develop them onto paper. It will emphasize the proper techniques and skills needed to create Art. Students will develop and express their creativity and skills through selected projects incorporating a variety of techniques, media, and styles. This course is offered in the Fall only and is a foundational Art class. 

Drawing and Painting I & II

Drawing and Painting is a Visual Arts course that introduces students to the fundamentals of drawing and painting. It emphasizes the skills necessary to provide students with a perceptual base leading to successful drawing and painting experiences and helps students develop creative thinking skills by allowing them to express ideas, emotions, and personalities through their artwork. Students will also be able to develop their own creative style through hands-on practice. This course is offered in the Spring and is a mixed-level course that includes Drawing and Painting I and II.

Drawing and Painting II is for students who have successfully completed Drawing & Painting I and wish to learn on a more advanced and independent level. Students will progress with their knowledge of Drawing and Painting through visual studies, research, and investigation of mediums, artistic movements, techniques, and styles. Upon completion of the course, students will have compiled a digital portfolio as evidence of their progression. 

Digital Illustration & Design

In this course, students will learn how to create digital works of art using online programs and platforms. Students will explore a variety of digital techniques, programs, and methods through the completion of projects, discussions, and lectures. Students will learn how to apply the principles of design to their artwork and will engage in the creative process by making original content and artwork. After this course, students will become more confident in how they use technology to create art and will understand the different styles, mediums, careers, and approaches to making digital art. Projects and objectives within them are aligned to CA State Media Arts Standards.

Susanna McGrath Locker