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Toriann Garner

This is the best way to contact Mrs. Garner to check-in, ask a question, share some news, or just say hi:)

Welcome to Hillside Middle School Choral Department!!

Don't is not too late to sign up for "Remind."  This is an app that I have where I have created my classes.  I would like all my students and parents to join the appropriate class so you will receive reminders from me regarding school and choral activities.  In order to join this class, you can email or text.  

Please email the following (you may leave the subject blank)

Mixed Choir -

Concert Choir -

Choral Ensemble -


Text number 81010 and put following in text box...

Mixed Choir - @mchms20

Concert Choir - @cchms20

Choral Ensemble - @cehms20


Thank you all!                                                                                                    

On Fire for Choir!!

~Mrs. Garner

The Musician’s Pledge

The Musician’s Pledge

 Because I am a well-behaved musician,

I will listen and follow directions, use self-control, respect people, instruments, and materials, and always do my best.

Because I am a world-class musician,

I listen attentively to music of many different styles and historical periods, and respect the music of other cultures.

 Because I am a performing musician,

I use my musical skills to the best of my ability and contribute to the group in my highest capacity. 

Current Assignments